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If you’ve just been diagnosed with uveal melanoma, it’s important to know that there is a test that can accurately identify your tumor type or Class. Specifically, the test determines whether you are at low or high risk of the cancer spreading even after your eye tumor has been successfully treated.

The test is called DecisionDx®-UM, and it provides valuable information to help you and your healthcare team individualize the management of your disease. Validated in two prospective multi-center studies, as well as additional prospective and retrospective studies, the test is the most accurate prognostic test available for uveal melanoma.

One of the objectives of this website is to provide the information you need to decide with your healthcare team whether this test is right for you.

Getting tested is ultimately your choice – and no one else’s.

The Benefits of Knowing Your Tumor Molecular Class

There are immediate benefits to knowing your tumor molecular class, including the ability for you and your healthcare team to define the intensity of your monitoring and follow-up plans. While everyone hopes to land in the lowest risk group, most patients report that the information is extremely valuable to them, no matter the results.


The information provided by the test helps healthcare providers know which patients require the most rigorous monitoring to catch and treat metastatic disease early. Up to half of all uveal melanoma patients may ultimately develop metastatic disease, most commonly to the liver, after which prognosis is usually poor. The hope is that intensive monitoring may lead to early detection of metastatic disease and immediate treatment that could produce better outcomes for the patient.

Many people with Uveal Melanoma report other benefits of knowing their metastatic risk, including “peace of mind” and “ability to make plans” for themselves and their families. Studies have shown that most patients will choose to know their risk if they have the information and the opportunity is made available to them.

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