DecisionDx®-PRAME Testing for Additional Prognostic Information

PRAME, or preferentially expressed antigen in melanoma, is a gene that has been the focus of two recent studies in uveal melanoma that were published in Clinical Cancer Research (Field et al. 2016) and Oncotarget (Field et al. 2016). PRAME is usually not expressed in normal adult tissues, but in some cancers, PRAME expression is elevated. Studies have suggested that elevated PRAME expression (“PRAME positive”) in a Class 1 uveal melanoma tumor may be associated with an increased risk of metastasis compared to a Class 1 tumor that does not express PRAME (“PRAME negative”). Class 2 tumors already have a higher risk of metastasis, and in these tumors, PRAME positivity may be associated with a shorter time to metastasis than PRAME-negative Class 2 tumors.

PRAME is a major focus of ongoing uveal melanoma clinical research, including an ongoing prospective, multi-center study. Additionally, therapies targeting PRAME are in clinical trials for other types of cancers and may be relevant to uveal melanoma in the future. Because most patients receive radiation as their primary eye treatment, there is usually no leftover tissue for future testing except for the biopsy tissue used for gene expression profiling. Due to the precious nature of each biopsy, Castle Biosciences is providing PRAME status testing at the request of physicians who order DecisionDx-UM. If you are having DecisionDx-UM testing performed on your tumor and are interested in knowing your PRAME status, please discuss this additional test with your physician.

The exact impact of PRAME status on your risk for metastasis has not yet been determined and is under further investigation. DecisionDx-PRAME results are reported only at the request of the ordering physician.

If you have questions about the DecisionDx-PRAME test, please contact us at 866-788-9007 or

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