Will Your Eye Cancer Spread?

Will Your Eye Cancer Spread to Other Parts of Your Body?

For uveal melanoma patients and their loved ones, one of the big questions is whether the eye cancer will spread, or metastasize, to other parts of the body. While your healthcare provider will explain that there is approximately a 50% chance that it will not, you need to decide if you'd like to know the answer with far more precision.


Several factors have been historically associated with higher risk of metastasis including large tumor size, location, orange pigment overlying the tumor, and older age. However, 19 published studies have found that the DecisionDx-UM test result is the most accurate and clinically impactful risk factor.

The understanding has been that large tumors typically are at higher risk, and smaller tumor size is predictive of better survival. However, that is not always the case. In recent years, prognostic tests have been developed to more accurately assess a uveal melanoma tumor’s biology and likelihood of spreading.

Now You Can Learn Your Risk of Metastasis With Precision

DecisonDx®-UM, the most widely used prognostic test in the U.S., makes it possible to learn your prognosis with the highest degree of accuracy available. The test predicts rates of distant metastasis, or spreading, over five years, the period for which scientific data has been collected. These include:

Class 1A

Low Risk

Class 1A

With a 2% risk of spreading over the next five years

Class 1B

Intermediate Risk

Class 1B

With a 21% risk of spreading over the next five years

Class 2

High Risk

Class 2

With a 72% risk of spreading over the next five years

This information can be incredibly valuable in helping you and your doctor determine your management plan.  Many patients report other benefits: Some say knowing the likely course of their disease makes it easier to cope. Others say it helps them make important life-planning decisions.

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