The Role of Genomic Testing

Utilizing Advanced Testing to Understand the Likely Course of a Disease

The goal of genomic testing is to understand how genes influence tumor behavior.  Although it is a relatively young and evolving field, genome-based medicine, frequently called personalized medicine, is the future of healthcare—the next logical step in which what we know about human genetics, disease and wellness can be applied to improve patient care.

Personalized medicine promises to make treatment as individualized as the disease. It involves translating genetic, genomic and clinical information into precise diagnostic tests and targeted therapies.  Advances in this area of science are also opening the door to far more accurate predictive tests for cancers that allow doctors to better treat and prepare their patients for the most likely course of their disease.


For uveal melanoma, a potentially aggressive eye cancer, there is a test called DecisionDx®-UM that examines your eye tumor at the molecular level, and predicts with a high degree of accuracy the likelihood it will metastasize or spread to other parts of the body. The accuracy of the DecisionDx-UM test is unparalleled in the prognostic testing of uveal melanoma.

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